On March 17th 2009, The Beachcomber officially turned 50. That my friends is a huge milestone for this kind of business especially the fact that it has been the same owner the whole time. First on behalf of my family I want to thank my Dad Jimmy McGettrick (Owner) for being able to keep this place going for all these years. Secondly I want to thank all the various staff members that stayed with us throughout the years in good times and bad.
& THANK YOU to all the customers that have kept us going all these years.

The club has so much history in terms of performers so we decided instead of throwing one big party and trying to get all the bands involved was too much. Instead we came up with The Beachcomber's 50th Anniversary Concert Series entitled "Do You Remember" (Thanks Uncle Al) We have 50 years of music to cover and each show has a special meaning to this club and also to us.

Bands that made an impact on the club are coming back for one/off shows and the list keeps growing.

Check out the Special Events page for upcoming shows.

Any bands that want to be a part of this celebration can contact me pat@beachcomberquincy.com